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Employee Privacy

A Proper Visitor Registration System Keeps Both Parties Safe

Know Who’s Here

Nothing matters more than the safety of your staff. HR departments and safety managers across the globe never stop in their endeavor to find new approaches to securing their facilities, and so many have already turned to LobbyFox to answer one of the most basic yet challenging questions they face on a daily basis: “Who’s in my facility?” LobbyFox has been built from a fundamental level to answer this question.

When guests arrive, they are required to check in. When they leave, they check out. Furthermore, because we know it’s just as important to know when your visitors left, if your LobbyFox kiosk senses that the visitor has stayed for longer than expected, it begins sending the visitor text messages to ask if they’re still there. This enables them to easily check out even if they forgot to stop by the kiosk.

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Reduce Risks

Secure platform offers privacy for host.

According to OSHA, “Workplace violence can be broken into four categories:
Criminal Intent, Customer/Employee, Worker/Worker and Personal Relationships. In most workplaces where risk factors can be identified, the risk of assault can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions”.

Removing the employee phone list and log book can reduce risks by protecting employee and customer names from being seen by the wrong person. Since the LobbyFox kiosk requires visitors to type in their host name, instead of giving options, visitors are unable to move further in the check-in process without providing a name.Not only does this help protect employees from unwanted solicitation, it can reduce the likelihood of bad actors being granted access to your facility by manipulating the kiosk. Because the kiosk sends the host a notification of a visitors’ arrival that includes their name and phone number, a host can decline to meet with a visitor, and have time to notify security, before they are face-to-face.

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Enhance Visibility

Visitor badges add an additional layer of security for employees. If a visitor bypasses the receptionist or visitor management system, it is easy for employees to spot anyone lacking a badge. Some areas of your facility may be restricted to only employees or certain visitor types, so providing visitors with a badge ensures that they will only be escorted to areas where they are permitted. Additionally, badges give insight to employees by clearly identifying the name of the visitor, who they are visiting, and who they work for. Click here to read more.

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LobbyFox visitor management system can print badges for guests.

Reduce the Spread of Germs

Shield against germs.

During the global pandemic, employers were forced to take additional steps to keep their business running safely. This may have included mandatory temperature checks and health screenings not just for employees but for visitors entering the facility too. LobbyFox can serve each visitor a quiz to confirm that their presence is not a health risk. If a visitor fails the health screening they will receive a text that discreetly lets them know that they have been denied access to the facility…without coming into contact with your employees.

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Reject Unwanted Visitors

In addition to knowing who is in your facility, it’s also important to manage who isn’t permitted entry in the first place. LobbyFox can be customized to disallow certain kinds of visits entirely, like solicitors or walk-ins. Conditionally reject visitors if they can’t pass a screening or sufficiently confirm what your safety policies are. If an unwanted visitor attempts to check in, LobbyFox will discreetly and professionally deny them entry, increasing the security of your facility, and ensuring that your staff can avoid unnecessary confrontations.

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LobbyFox can reject unwanted visitors.

Robust Visitor Records = Compliance Peace of Mind

Robust Visitor Records = Compliance Peace of Mind

LobbyFox logs all visitor information and activity to their profile. Download signed documents, view responses to questionnaires, validate visitor orientation requirements, document important visitor information and more.  Generate and export reports for audits and contract tracing. Storage is unlimited and your data is secured by XYZ. 

Visitor Profile Includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Answer to all quizzes, questionnaires, & health screenings
  • Company
  • Notes
  • Date/Time of all check-ins
  • date/time & manner of all check-outs
  • Date/time stamped signed user agreement
  • Host Name
  • Which entrance was used
  • visitor type
  • photo
  • Pre-registration information


LobbyFox rejecting visitor.

As a part of upcoming LobbyFox version 10.0, LobbyFox’s “blacklist” feature allows you to easily manage a list of banned visitors, which is perfect for organizations that want to keep track of individuals who are not welcome on the premises. If a visitor attempts to check in and they appear on your visitor blacklist, LobbyFox will quietly and politely deny them entry, notify management and/or security, and ensure that your staff avoids the situation entirely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can LobbyFox serve my visitors safety orientations?
Can visitors see the entire list of our employees or other visitors when checking-in?
How does LobbyFox work?
Is this system compliant with various regulations?
What if a visitor checks in that I don’t want to meet with?

Can LobbyFox serve my visitors safety orientations?

Yes! If you have existing safety videos or documents we can serve those to visitors directly through the kiosk. If you don’t have a safety orientation in place already, we can help you create one! Read more here.

Can visitors see the entire list of our employees or other visitors when checking-in?

Here at LobbyFox, we believe our product should do as much as possible to protect information, as well as the anonymity of our users and your visitors. LobbyFox prevents visitors from seeing who else is visiting your facility, and prevents visitors from being able to see everyone that works in your office.

How does LobbyFox work?

The LobbyFox check-in kiosk couldn’t be easier to use. When a visitor arrives at your facility, the kiosk instructs them to check in by using the touchscreen. LobbyFox asks them who they are, who they’re with, who they’re there to see, and what the nature of their visit is. At that point, a name badge is automatically printed for the guest, and their host (the employee they’re there to see) is notified via email, text, or both that they have a visitor in the lobby.

Is this system compliant with various regulations?

In combination with your restricted access lobby set-up, LobbyFox can accommodate all compliance regulation requirements for sign in and out, vetting and orientation, data collection, confidentiality, and record retention. All regulations have slightly different requirements so ask your sales rep for more information about your specific regulation!

What if a visitor checks in that I don’t want to meet with?

One of the very core features of LobbyFox that our customers love is the ability to automatically turn away unwanted visitors, such as visitors that fail a health screening, in a no-contact fashion. As we like to say, let the LobbyFox kiosk be the “bad guy” that tells solicitors and other unwanted guests that there’s no one that’s going to meet with them!

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