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October 2022 | FoxConnect

Slack & Teams Integrations & Notification Editor Revamp

Facility with multiple employees and visitors show that all can receive notifications from LobbyFox


The LobbyFox team is thrilled to announce the release of FoxConnect, our brand new integrations hub in the administrative portal! FoxConnect lays the foundation for us to provide our customers with new and exciting integrations with all of the top tech platforms as rapidly as our development staff can build them. In the works: integrations with ADP Workforce Now, Microsoft ActiveDirectory, Zapier, Okta, OneDrive, Google Drive, and many more.

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Slack & Microsoft Teams Integrations

To kick things off, the very first integrations we're rolling out to our customers are integrations with Slack, and Microsoft Teams, both of which are leading communication services used by millions of companies all around the world. If either integration is configured and connected to your workspace, LobbyFox will default to delivering notifications on the chosen platform to hosts that receive a visitor.

What's even cooler: we provide hosts three different "canned responses" right inside of Slack or Teams that they can use to instantly text their visitor's things like "Be right there!" or "Give me 5 minutes." If those don't work, send your visitor a custom text response, right inside Slack or Teams! Further, Slack and Teams are treated just like any other communication delivery method, meaning custom notifications can be set up with any event trigger, just like LobbyFox users can already configure with texts and emails.

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Send to Marketing Group
Remove Gloria Smith
Scheduled send at 7:30am

"Marketing team, remember that today is Gloria's birthday, don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the party tihs afternoon!"

Send to Front Office Group
Send immediately

"Office staff, WRECC is going to be in to fix the internet issue between 8-10am, feel free to come in a little later after our service has been restored."

Send to Warehouse Group
Remove Building 1 Group
Scheduled send at 5:00am Fri

"ATTENTION! OSHA will be conducting an audit in Building 2 this Friday. Don't forget your training and pay extra attention to our safety standards. If you have any questions, check with your supervisor."

Notification Editor Revamp

Because we're adding more communication delivery methods to the platform, our product team felt that it was important to completely rethink how users build notifications inside of LobbyFox. Gone are the days when both email and text content needed to be supplied for any custom notification; Notifications are now structured in a far more generalized manner. Here are the fundamental questions the brand new notification builder interface asks and is streamline to answer: What is the trigger for the notification? Who should be getting the notification? What is the content of the notification? Which delivery methods should the notification use?

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On The Horizon

As always, we hope these new features can streamline the check-in process at your facility, and further improve communication between your guests and yourself. We have tons of new and exciting features on the way, and can't wait to tell you about them in the months to come!

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Minor Improvements & Fixes

Username is now the link to User Settings.
Removed redundant logout button.
Render issues with apostrophes in User Agreements have been resolved
Fixed issue with report sorting toggles in Reports and Visitor List