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February 2023 | Pre-Registration

Re-Branded Backend, Pre-Registration Overhaul & More.

Facility with multiple employees and visitors show that all can receive notifications from LobbyFox


Thanks to the feedback from our incredible customers, pre-registration has been redesigned.  Easily invite, manage and view pre-registered visitors under the “Visitors” section of your dashboard.  Pre-registration links can be used by an unlimited number of visitors, a specific group, or an individual.  Create links that will be used for all visitors, a link for contractors or service providers only, a link for visitors seeing a specific staff member, expiring links and much more.  Once a visitor has completed pre-registration, all served and collected information is documented in the “Details” section for convenient viewing. What’s more, see which pre-registration link the visitor used, what videos they watched and when, what forms they’ve completed, which user agreements they’ve signed, and whether they’ve actually checked in yet.

The transformation of LobbyFox Pre-Registration into a tool that can be used to simultaneously manage hundreds or even thousands of visitors via a quickly and easily shareable static link is something the LobbyFox team is extraordinarily proud of, and we wholeheartedly believe that these updates will further empower our customers to manage their visitors in an even more streamlined and organized fashion.

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Text: CHECKOUT to Checkout

Visitors can now text “CHECKOUT” (case insensitive) to checkout via SMS. When it’s inconvenient for a visitor to pass through the lobby to leave, they can now text the word “checkout” to the LobbyFox thread to complete their visit.  

Pro Tip: Let visitors know this feature is available by updating your welcome text!

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Send to Marketing Group
Remove Gloria Smith
Scheduled send at 7:30am

"Marketing team, remember that today is Gloria's birthday, don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the party tihs afternoon!"

Send to Front Office Group
Send immediately

"Office staff, WRECC is going to be in to fix the internet issue between 8-10am, feel free to come in a little later after our service has been restored."

Send to Warehouse Group
Remove Building 1 Group
Scheduled send at 5:00am Fri

"ATTENTION! OSHA will be conducting an audit in Building 2 this Friday. Don't forget your training and pay extra attention to our safety standards. If you have any questions, check with your supervisor."

Prettier & Easier To Use

Kiosk admins can now log in to the dashboard with their email in addition to username.

We made the kiosk language selector larger to match the drop-off button size.  You’ll notice a total overhaul of dashboard colors, sidebar icons and summary card icons.

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