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Cut Costs

A Visitor Check In Software Offers Savings in Many Forms

Orientation is Expensive

Having operated in the visitor management space for years now, our staff has come to learn that orientation is among the most wasteful responsibilities your employees have. But wait, when we say wasteful, what do we mean?

As an example, if you have a staff member in the HR department that has to conduct visitor orientations, say, eight times a day, and each of those orientations take ten minutes, that’s nearly an hour and a half of this employee’s day that’s wasted repeating the same task over and over, when it can easily be automated with LobbyFox. Eight, ten minute long orientations a day equates to almost thirty hours a month! Even if this employee is paid just $15.00/hour, this is almost triple the cost of a LobbyFox subscription.

Don’t just take our word for it though, view our easy to use ROI calculator below and see for yourself how much you can save with LobbyFox!

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Check-in is Expensive

Visitor log book with written information.

Common pushback that we get all the time is, “but my check-in process is actually really fast, how is LobbyFox supposed to be any faster than a visitor jotting their name down on a sign-in sheet?”

What these (eventual) customers failed to realize was that check-in is about more than just the visitor signing their name. LobbyFox streamlines and automates all the workflows associated with the check-in experience. Yes, the LobbyFox kiosks also asks visitors for their name, but it also prints them a name badge. Yes, LobbyFox kiosks also record check-in and check-out time, but it also notifies the visitor’s host upon their arrival.

So what does all this mean for you? By automating all of these processes, a staff member is no longer required to check in guests, allowing them to focus on other, much more important tasks.

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Recordkeeping is Messy...
& Expensive

There’s a great reason why businesses began shifting away from physical, paper records at the turn of the century: paper is messy. By digitizing invoices, policies, notices, payments, and price lists, staff could easily search for what they needed and eliminate all the wasted time they’d otherwise spend digging through filing cabinets. Why should sign-in sheets, which are unfortunately still used by so many companies, be any different?

Who’s in your facility right now? Who was in your facility on November 4th, two years ago? If you 1) have to visit a filing cabinet, or 2) can’t answer both of those questions at all, you need LobbyFox!

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Looking up records on a shelf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides my subscription cost, are there any hidden expenses?
Does LobbyFox replace my receptionist?
How does LobbyFox work?
How hard is this system to set up?
Is this system compliant with various regulations?

Besides my subscription cost, are there any hidden expenses?

Your subscription includes a lifetime warranty on hardware so you’ll never be surprised with an unexpected expense. Your kiosk ships with one roll of Dymo labels. Additional rolls of label will need to be purchased as you use them.

Does LobbyFox replace my receptionist?

Here at LobbyFox, we don’t necessarily want our visitor management system to “replace” anyone. One of the key benefits of LobbyFox is that it allows your employees that are currently responsible for checking in visitors or conducting visitor orientations to focus on other, much more important tasks. Also, with the automatic dismissal functionality, your receptionist doesn’t have to be the one responsible for an awkward interaction.

How does LobbyFox work?

The LobbyFox check-in kiosk couldn’t be easier to use. When a visitor arrives at your facility, the kiosk instructs them to check in by using the touchscreen. LobbyFox asks them who they are, who they’re with, who they’re there to see, and what the nature of their visit is. At that point, a name badge is automatically printed for the guest, and their host (the employee they’re there to see) is notified via email, text, or both that they have a visitor in the lobby.

How hard is this system to set up?

The difference between LobbyFox and other visitor management systems available to you is that–here at LobbyFox–we take care of 100% of system configuration for you. We can even assist you in the customization of your kiosk. All you have to do is plug in the kiosk, and we’ll handle the rest!

Is this system compliant with various regulations?

In combination with your restricted access lobby set-up, LobbyFox can accommodate all compliance regulation requirements for sign in and out, vetting and orientation, data collection, confidentiality, and record retention. All regulations have slightly different requirements so ask your sales rep for more information about your specific regulation!

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