LobbyFox at a Glance

One great benefit of LobbyFox is the customizability. You may have a different experience set up for each unique visitor type you expect. Below is an example of how a check in may work. Every step along the way can be tailored for various visitor types, to provide and request the information relevant to their visit.

Guest entering basic information on LobbyFox kiosk.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

1Go to Visitor Orientation Page
Visitor selects language & enters basic information, building their profile.

LobbyFox Kiosk plays a video.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

2Go to Videos Page
A video relevant to the type of visitor plays.

Guest completing forms on LobbyFox kiosk.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

3Go to Visitor Forms Page
Timestamped documentation of quizzes, forms & other relevant info is captured.

LobbyFox kiosk printing a badge.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

4 Go to Visitor Badges
LobbyFox prints the visitors badge.

Curved Arrow to next stagePhone receiving text notification.Employee checking their phone.Arrow Down to next stage

5Go to Notifications Page
Notifications are sent to host alerting them of their visitor.

Host shakes hand of guest.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

6 Go to Communication Page
Host greets visitor & guides them through their visit.

Visitor checking out at LobbyFox kiosk.Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

7 Go to Compliance Page
Visitor checks out at the kiosk as they leave.

LobbyFox saving logs to cloud. Arrow pointing to next stage.Arrow Down to next stage

8Go to Visitor Reports Page
LobbyFox retains detailed logs of the visit.

Chart showing check-in process with LobbyFox broken into stages.

What do our customers have to say?

"The most difficult part is knowing that you need the solution. We followed the industry norm of a logbook. It was difficult to see that we needed to be doing something different in the check in process but after we had it in place, we were like gosh, what would we do without LobbyFox?”

-Nathan M.

Plastics Manufacturer

Resolve Multiple Pain Points

LobbyFox is a singular solution for many common visitor management related problems in manufacturing facilities.

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Secure Your Facility

Always know who’s in your facility with a real-time visitor reporting dashboard. Know who your visitors are there to see, and why they’re there to see them.

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Streamline Orientation

Let the LobbyFox kiosk show your visitors orientation videos, ask them questions, present your safety policies, and collect signatures for you.

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Save on Costs

Automate every aspect of visitor check-in with a kiosk & let your staff focus on the things that really matter. Save tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost time.

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LobbyFox solves the problems that you are aware of: safety, efficiency, and reporting. We also help you to solve the problems that you hadn’t thought about like the privacy of your employees, customers and vendors. Lastly we solve the problems that are just lurking around the corner like lawsuits and audits.

Key Features

Lobby Fox offers live demos daily!
Live Demos Daily

LobbyFox visitor management experts are giving live, one-on-one demos every day. Ask whatever's on your mind, and get a better feel for how LobbyFox will transform your lobby in an instant.

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