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How are you welcoming your guests?

Non-compliant logbooks, insecure phone systems, inconsistent orientations and unorganized records sound familiar? LobbyFox can help.

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Resolve Multiple Pain Points

LobbyFox is a singular solution for many common visitor management related problems in manufacturing facilities.

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Secure Your Facility

Always know who’s in your facility with a real-time visitor reporting dashboard. Know who your visitors are there to see, and why they’re there to see them.

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Streamline Orientation

Let the LobbyFox kiosk show your visitors orientation videos, ask them questions, present your safety policies, and collect signatures for you.

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Save on Costs

Automate every aspect of visitor check-in with a kiosk & let your staff focus on the things that really matter. Save tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost time.

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Stay in Compliance

It has never been more difficult for manufacturers to stay in compliance with government regulations. Easily keep track of historical visitor logs, collect signatures, and dismiss visitors that aren’t permitted entry.

See What LobbyFox Can Do For You.

Supercharge your check-in process.

Eliminate phone directories
Guaranteed to save you money
Get more out of your employees
Limitless notification customization

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What our customers are saying...

"The check-in kiosk is very user friendly and has enabled us to streamline our visitor registration process. We no longer have to create visitor badges or hand out brochures with procedures. Visitors simply enter their info and the party they are visiting. LobbyFox handles the rest!"

- Tawana B

HR Generalist
Jack Daniel's Lobby Screendocument sign on touch screenHenkel Lobby Screen

Who Trusts LobbyFox?

Live Demos are given daily.

Key Features

Notifications & Alerts

LobbyFox makes it easy to quickly communicate with visitors and hosts via text message or email.

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Visitor Orientation Videos

Don't waste your employees' time with repetitive visitor orientations, let LobbyFox do it for you!

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Custom Kiosk Branding

Use your own logo, color pallete, and font with a 100% customizable kiosk.

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Visitor Types

Notify different hosts in a variety of ways based on the type of visitor.

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Visitor Reporting & Logs

View visitor profiles, historical visitor records, and send texts to visitors while they're checked in.

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Quiz Your Visitors

Quiz your visitors about health or safety protocols before they step foot into your facility.

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Automatic Dismissal

Prevent unscheduled or unwanted visitors from checking in.

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Secure Platform

Keep your visitors, hosts, and network safe, secret, and secure.

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Ultimate User Control

Easily manage multiple kiosks or kiosk locations from a single account.

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