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September 2022 | Highlights & Updates

Functional Updates for Quality of Life Improvements

Facility with multiple employees and visitors show that all can receive notifications from LobbyFox

Text Agreements to Visitors

Originally requested by a customer in Q2 of this year, LobbyFox now enables visitors to choose to receive a link via text to view and save a copy of the user agreement that they signed when checking in. Visitors will receive an eight digit code alongside this link in order to view the agreement, and the agreement link expires after 8 hours. Should a visitor want a copy of their user agreement after the link has expired, they would simply need to contact a LobbyFox system administrator at the location. 

You can change whether visitors get the option to receive any specific user agreement or not from the LobbyFox backend software.

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Local Video Storage

Videos lagging or skipping? We solved it. Videos will no longer be streamed over the internet repeatedly, but will instead be downloaded to the local kiosk device. This should result in a much better experience for users at facilities with poor internet connections, for users that are required to watch long videos, or for both.

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Send to Marketing Group
Remove Gloria Smith
Scheduled send at 7:30am

"Marketing team, remember that today is Gloria's birthday, don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the party tihs afternoon!"

Send to Front Office Group
Send immediately

"Office staff, WRECC is going to be in to fix the internet issue between 8-10am, feel free to come in a little later after our service has been restored."

Send to Warehouse Group
Remove Building 1 Group
Scheduled send at 5:00am Fri

"ATTENTION! OSHA will be conducting an audit in Building 2 this Friday. Don't forget your training and pay extra attention to our safety standards. If you have any questions, check with your supervisor."

Streamlined Internet Connection

Connect your devices, right out of the box! Rather than having to exit the LobbyFox kiosk app when internet connectivity is lost, LobbyFox will now prompt to re-establish an Internet connection via the introduction of a new “Please connect to the Internet” screen. A button will appear directly on the screen that takes users to the kiosk’s network settings.

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Interface Animations

We continue to strive for the best visitor experience so that your visitors have the best first impression possible when checking into your facility. To help facilitate this we have added animations when advancing from screen to screen making the user experience much better, and the product feels much smoother.

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We want you to get the most from your LobbyFox system, and the many features that we offer. We are more than happy to bring you back to the basics, explain new updates, and introduce your new employees to our product. Book a meeting below or give us a call.

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Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

A selection of fonts have been added to the LobbyFox backend allowing users to change the look of their kiosk, though we encourage users to stick with the default aesthetic options.
“Next” and “Back” buttons have been removed from the form success screen in mobile check-in.
Screensaver upload and selection bugs have been fixed.
Host names are now centered when selected on the Choose Host page of check-in.
Answer option color fixes for Survey form types has been corrected in the Forms section of the backend.