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A System Makes it Easy to Follow Regulatory Compliance Best Practices

Compliance Can Be Tough

Operating in sensitive or heavily regulated industries is already tough enough. Oftentimes manufacturers—because the components they produce end up in the supply chains for products that are restricted or tightly controlled—find themselves subject to a compliance standard they didn’t even know existed.

Whatever the compliance standard, almost all of those that are most notable require companies like yours to put into place systems that track who had physical and digital access to your facility or network. This is where LobbyFox can help.

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The way a visitor checks out is documented, helping to reduce any margin for error with audits or contact tracing. For example, you may find out if a visitor was auto checked out or if they had checked out by text.

Visitor profiles log detailed information relevant to quizzes or videos involved in their visit. This records the time and date, any answers given, and even the version of the quiz or video.

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It's Better To Over-Do It

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In business there are often opportunities to cut corners and gain an advantage. Using cheaper inputs, extending your shifts, or perhaps even taking a bit looser of an approach to safety standards so your team can get more done. As compliance experts, we can tell you that the latter of those options can really come back to bite you.

Nobody likes compliance, excessive regulation, or inspections, but these things are a fact of life for manufacturers in the 21st century. That’s why we’ve built LobbyFox from the ground up to help you “over-do it” when it comes to your responsibilities regarding compliance.

The time for half measures is not when you’re trying to comply with the law; let LobbyFox help you go above and beyond your compliance requirements.

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Rinse & Repeat

When it comes to compliance, members of management often don’t feel comfortable that they’re getting it “right” until they never have to think about it at all. When you have in place a self-reinforcing system or workflow that ensures you’re incapable of being out of compliance, that’s when you’ve truly conquered your compliance responsibilities once and for all. The problem? That’s way easier said than done. The solution? There’s all sorts of regulatory regimes that manufacturers need to adhere to, and lucky for you, LobbyFox can help you with all of them. Set up your kiosk, flip the switch, and let LobbyFox start logging visitor records for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LobbyFox replace my receptionist?
How does LobbyFox work?
How hard is this system to set up?
Is this system compliant with various regulations?
What if my company already has a visitor management system?

Does LobbyFox replace my receptionist?

Here at LobbyFox, we don’t necessarily want our visitor management system to “replace” anyone. One of the key benefits of LobbyFox is that it allows your employees that are currently responsible for checking in visitors or conducting visitor orientations to focus on other, much more important tasks. Also, with the automatic dismissal functionality, your receptionist doesn’t have to be the one responsible for an awkward interaction.

How does LobbyFox work?

The LobbyFox check-in kiosk couldn’t be easier to use. When a visitor arrives at your facility, the kiosk instructs them to check in by using the touchscreen. LobbyFox asks them who they are, who they’re with, who they’re there to see, and what the nature of their visit is. At that point, a name badge is automatically printed for the guest, and their host (the employee they’re there to see) is notified via email, text, or both that they have a visitor in the lobby.

How hard is this system to set up?

The difference between LobbyFox and other visitor management systems available to you is that–here at LobbyFox–we take care of 100% of system configuration for you. We can even assist you in the customization of your kiosk. All you have to do is plug in the kiosk, and we’ll handle the rest!

Is this system compliant with various regulations?

In combination with your restricted access lobby set-up, LobbyFox can accommodate all compliance regulation requirements for sign in and out, vetting and orientation, data collection, confidentiality, and record retention. All regulations have slightly different requirements so ask your sales rep for more information about your specific regulation!

What if my company already has a visitor management system?

Even if you’re already using a more robust, electronic solution, there’s a reason why so many businesses switch from these to LobbyFox. LobbyFox offers unparalleled flexibility and tons of customizable options that you just won’t find anywhere else. Schedule a demo to see how LobbyFox compares!

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