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August 2022 | Text Blasting

Elevate your internal communication to new heights

A New Robust System

Here at LobbyFox, we're thrilled to be reaching out to announce another major update to our visitor management platform. With more and more of our customers asking for the ability to send "text blasts" to not only their visitors, but internal staff/departments as well. we worked around the clock to bring this feature to life for you!

Facility with multiple employees and visitors show that all can receive notifications from LobbyFox

Text Blasts

Our product development team convened a few months ago and completely reimagined 1) what our text blast functionality should look like, and 2) how it should work. Who will be using this feature, what is the most typical use case, and how can we empower new uses of our platform to improve communication at our customer's facilities; these were all questions at the top of our minds. With product development, there are often compelling reasons to reduce the scope or complexity of major features, but with our new text blast functionality, we strove to go above and beyond to deliver an even more robust feature than initially imagined. And we succeeded!

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How it Works

Each text blast you want to send can be configured within seconds in our new, easy-to-use text blast builder dialogue, right on the top of "Text Blasts" page. One of the first attributes you choose is whether you want to schedule this text, which can be useful to give staff a heads up about - for example - parking information right before the weekend beings, or if you want to send the text immediately, which can be much more useful when updating staff or visitors about information that is changing in real-time. The following are great examples of what you can do with LobbyFox text blasts.

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Send to Marketing Group
Remove Gloria Smith
Scheduled send at 7:30am

"Marketing team, remember that today is Gloria's birthday, don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the party tihs afternoon!"

Send to Front Office Group
Send immediately

"Office staff, WRECC is going to be in to fix the internet issue between 8-10am, feel free to come in a little later after our service has been restored."

Send to Warehouse Group
Remove Building 1 Group
Scheduled send at 5:00am Fri

"ATTENTION! OSHA will be conducting an audit in Building 2 this Friday. Don't forget your training and pay extra attention to our safety standards. If you have any questions, check with your supervisor."

Queue & Schedules

But we went way beyond just making it easy to build really robust text blasts, with LobbyFox v2.3, any text blast that you build gets added to an easy-to-use queue where you can make any future edits to the content or recipients before the text is sent. Want to go ahead and send a text scheduled for tomorrow? No problem, just click "Send Now." Want to pause a text immediately after clicking send? Easy, just click "Edit" and the text blast will be paused, allowing you to make some quick adjustments before saving and adding it back to the queue. Have a text you have to send all the time? That's easier than ever with our text blast templates where you can not only specify the text content, but also which groups of internal staff or visitors it needs to go to!

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