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Hi, we're LobbyFox

Created for manufacturing by manufacturers.

It all started with a poorly run lobby, an unsatisfied manufacturer, and an obvious necessity for improvement. Our story began many years ago when a manufacturer reached out to us in hopes of solving issues in their lobby.

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LobbyFox brainstorm for solutions.

When a visitor arrived they were greeted with a dingy phone list taped to a wall, and an outdated logbook for the visitor to sign. Visitor orientation was inconsistent and undocumented, and sometimes the visitor was given no orientation at all. The presence of an open logbook created privacy concerns for visitors and employees. The receptionist was either away from her desk or struggled to get a hold of employees when their visitors arrived. Visitor management had completely slipped through the cracks!

LobbyFox putting together puzzle pieces.

This frustrating scenario led us to a solution that began to solve more problems than the manufacturer was even aware of. 

While years have passed since we released this platform, we haven’t slowed down for a second. With a growing team comes new ideas and those new ideas are constantly improving the platform. Introducing features like touchless check-in, text alerts, check-out reminders and many more that elevate the experience a guest has when visiting a facility. 

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Since the beginning, other visitor management systems have come and gone, but even for those that have stuck around, there’s a reason that customers keep choosing LobbyFox.

You won’t find anyone more passionate about providing a visitor management system that fits the specific needs of manufacturing facilities. Whether your visitors are contractors, delivery drivers, vendors, or job applicants, all receive the precise amount of information needed to check in, and all receive a perfectly seamless experience. We pride ourselves on our real, authentic relationships with our clients, and work with them daily to provide customized solutions, specific to their needs. Our goal is to never stop evolving and to never stop finding better and more efficient ways to offer safe, quick, and professional experiences for all of your visitors.

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Meet Our Experts

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Shannon Oleyar

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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Mark Landers

Account Executive

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Kelly Embry

Account Executive

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Jeremey Jacobs


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Justin Bush

Chief Operations Officer

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Casey Berryman

Chief Creative Officer

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Tyler Pedigo

Accounting & Product Development
Chief Financial Officer

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Sam Wilkins

Operations Manager

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Alex Davis

Product Development
Developer Director

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Jake Miller

Senior Designer

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Sarah Ganote

Marketing Coordinator

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Alexis Courtenay

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Toby Wright

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Webmaster & Developer

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Matt Jones


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Josh Bailey

Support Technician

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LobbyFox work?
How hard is this system to set up?
How much does LobbyFox cost?
What is LobbyFox?
Who is LobbyFox for?

How does LobbyFox work?

The LobbyFox check-in kiosk couldn’t be easier to use. When a visitor arrives at your facility, the kiosk instructs them to check in by using the touchscreen. LobbyFox asks them who they are, who they’re with, who they’re there to see, and what the nature of their visit is. At that point, a name badge is automatically printed for the guest, and their host (the employee they’re there to see) is notified via email, text, or both that they have a visitor in the lobby.

How hard is this system to set up?

The difference between LobbyFox and other visitor management systems available to you is that–here at LobbyFox–we take care of 100% of system configuration for you. We can even assist you in the customization of your kiosk. All you have to do is plug in the kiosk, and we’ll handle the rest!

How much does LobbyFox cost?

LobbyFox software costs $99/month. We offer a variety of hardware and QR code display options that can be added to your subscription ranging from an additional $20-$170/month.

What is LobbyFox?

LobbyFox is an industry leading business solution that notifies your employees when they have a visitor, gives automated visitor orientations, prints name badges for visitors, and maintains electronic logs so that you can always and easily know who is and was in your facility at any given time!

Who is LobbyFox for?

LobbyFox is for any facility or office that has visitors, so pretty much anyone! LobbyFox kiosks are in facilities of all sizes. Whether you operate a small real estate business with a couple of employees, or a manufacturing facility producing millions of components per year, LobbyFox is everything you need and more in a visitor management solution.

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