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Visitor Badges

A Visitor Badging System Can Help Keep Your Facility Secure

Easily Identify Visitors

Visitor badges – more often referred to as security or name badges – identify guests in a workplace. When a host is notified about a visitor's arrival, it’s relieving to know that their guest will be wearing a badge making them easier to identify. Visitors want to feel welcomed by the company, and since most visitor badges include the name of the visitor, company name, and visitor type, the introduction has already been made for them. Visitor badges also boost your company brand and professional image by communicating to your visitors that their safety and experience are important. No worries if a visitor loses a badge, the kiosk will simply reprint one.

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Badge printer included with LobbyFox kiosks!

Enhance Security & Safety

LobbyFox visitor management system can print badges for guests.

The first step to improving visitor safety requires that all visitors are prepared with PPE, have knowledge about the dangers, conduct expectations at your facility, and issue an identification badge that they must wear, indicating who they are and why they are there. If a visitor bypasses the receptionist or visitor management system, it is easy for employees to spot anyone lacking a badge. Some areas of your facility may be restricted to only employees or certain visitor types, so providing visitors with a badge ensures that they will only be escorted to areas where they are permitted.

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Consistency & Customization

Returning or pre-registered visitors receive an expedited check-in and immediate badge printing. Some visitors, like food delivery drivers, won’t need to receive a badge when they check in. Set up to your preferences, LobbyFox ensures that every visitor receives a proper level of orientation and identification when they enter your facility….even if it means none at all. Choose what visitor information displays on each badge.

Different visitor types experience different options when checking into the same kiosk.
scheduled appointment path linedelivery path linecontractor path lineCheck in kioskSchedule Appointment VisitorDelivery VisitorContractor VisitorDelivery visitor receives notificationschedule appointment visitor prints badgevisitor greeted by guestcontractor visitor prints badgeContractor ready to work

A consultant arrives for a scheduled appointment.

They select the visitor type of "Scheduled Appointment" while checking in.

The visitor completes check in and prints their badge.

Their host is notified of their arrival and greets them in the lobby.

A driver arrives for a delivery.

They select the visitor type of "Delivery" while checking in.

The delivery driver receives notification upon checking in, clearing them to unload in bay 4.

A contractor arrives to continue on a project.

They select the visitor type of "Contractor" while checking in.

This contractor is a frequent visitor, and completes an expedited check-in.

The contractor is cleared to begin working.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can visitor badges improve the image and security of my facility?
How does LobbyFox work?
How much does a badge printer cost?
Is this system compliant with various regulations?
What labels does the name badge printer use and where can I get them?

Can visitor badges improve the image and security of my facility?

How does LobbyFox work?

The LobbyFox check-in kiosk couldn’t be easier to use. When a visitor arrives at your facility, the kiosk instructs them to check in by using the touchscreen. LobbyFox asks them who they are, who they’re with, who they’re there to see, and what the nature of their visit is. At that point, a name badge is automatically printed for the guest, and their host (the employee they’re there to see) is notified via email, text, or both that they have a visitor in the lobby.

How much does a badge printer cost?

Badge printers are included with the purchase of any of our hardware!

Is this system compliant with various regulations?

In combination with your restricted access lobby set-up, LobbyFox can accommodate all compliance regulation requirements for sign in and out, vetting and orientation, data collection, confidentiality, and record retention. All regulations have slightly different requirements so ask your sales rep for more information about your specific regulation!

What labels does the name badge printer use and where can I get them?

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