What should be included with a visitor management solution package?

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A visitor management solution should encompass all needs related to visitor management for your facility. Manufacturing facilities often have a variety of visitor types, with different orientation needs. The LobbyFox platform was built with this in mind, offering cloud management and customization from anywhere. Visitor notification systems, logging, orientation videos, quizzes, and collecting agreement signatures are just some of the features included with a subscription.

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Visitor Management Solution Checklist

We’ve created a handy check-list of things to consider when purchasing a solution. LobbyFox can do all of this and more.

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$99 /month
Required Per Location

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Everything is unlimited.
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$20 /month
Per Door

Perfect for outdoor needs.
No internet/electricity required.
Perfect for visitors who do not exit their vehicle.

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$80 /month
Per Kiosk

Choose from 10.5" or 27"touchscreen kiosk.
Includes badge printer.
Built in QR functionality for groups & touchless safety.

LobbyFox kiosk printing a badge.

*Lifetime Warranty*

Lobby Fox offers live demos daily!
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LobbyFox visitor management experts are giving live, one-on-one demos every day. Ask whatever's on your mind, and get a better feel for how LobbyFox will transform your lobby in an instant.

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Key Features

Notifications & Alerts

LobbyFox makes it easy to quickly communicate with visitors and hosts via text message or email.

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Visitor Orientation

Don't waste your employees' time with repetitive visitor orientations, let LobbyFox do it for you!

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Kiosk Customization

Use your own logo, color pallete, and font with a 100% customizable kiosk.

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Visitor Types

Notify different hosts in a variety of ways based on the type of visitor.

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Visitor Reporting & Logs

View visitor profiles, historical visitor records, and send texts to visitors while they're checked in.

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Visitor Screening

Quiz your visitors about health or safety protocols before they step foot into your facility.

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Automatic Dismissal

Prevent unscheduled or unwanted visitors from checking in.

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Secure Platform

Keep your visitors, hosts, and network safe, secret, and secure.

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Ultimate User Control

Easily manage multiple kiosks or kiosk locations from a single account.

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Serve Videos

Show your visitors videos relevant to their visit. Different videos for different visitor types.

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Touchless Check-In

Allow your visitors to check in without ever touching the screen, reducing covid risks.

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Allow your customers to register before their visit, increasing check-in speeds.

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QR Codes

Allow mobile check-in through QR codes, printed separately or displayed on the kiosk screen.

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Internal Communication

Improve communication through text message, emails, and other integrations.

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Multi-Language Support

Support for 6 languages to increase accessibility to all visitors.

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Visitor Badges

Keep your facility secure with visitor name badges, included with every kiosk.

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