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April 2023 | Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Integration & Additional Language Support

Facility with multiple employees and visitors show that all can receive notifications from LobbyFox

Azure Active Directory

We are excited to announce that we have completed our integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory! With an Active Directory integration configured and connected to your workspace, LobbyFox will be able to import and update employee data directly from Active Directory.

Having employee information in LobbyFox makes it easy to send text messages to any employee at any time, as well as offering multiple channels of communication to aid with visitor management. Your employees can be set up to receive text, email, Microsoft Teams, or Slack messages upon important events, such as a new visitor checking in to see them.

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Multi-Language Support: Now Available in Russian

We are excited to announce our latest language addition, Russian. With this addition LobbyFox now supports 8 different languages! In countries where many languages are spoken, it can be very important to support guests that might not necessarily speak your local language with systems and processes that they can understand. We strongly believe that our check-in kiosks should make check-in super quick and painless for visitors, no matter the language they speak.

Lastly, we are happy to add even more new languages upon request!

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Send to Marketing Group
Remove Gloria Smith
Scheduled send at 7:30am

"Marketing team, remember that today is Gloria's birthday, don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the party tihs afternoon!"

Send to Front Office Group
Send immediately

"Office staff, WRECC is going to be in to fix the internet issue between 8-10am, feel free to come in a little later after our service has been restored."

Send to Warehouse Group
Remove Building 1 Group
Scheduled send at 5:00am Fri

"ATTENTION! OSHA will be conducting an audit in Building 2 this Friday. Don't forget your training and pay extra attention to our safety standards. If you have any questions, check with your supervisor."

On The Horizon

As someone working in the manufacturing industry, you know all too well the challenges of high turnover, low productivity and the cost of safety incidents. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a new software solution that will transform the way you communicate with your deskless factory employees, creating a safer and more engaged workforce.

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We want you to get the most from your LobbyFox system, and the many features that we offer. We are more than happy to bring you back to the basics, explain new updates, and introduce your new employees to our product. Book a meeting below or give us a call.

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Other Improvements & Fixes

Added pre-registration-style “Check-in Details” to “Current Visitors” and “Reports”
Added support to begin tracking check-in and check-out sources, i.e. via mobile, kiosk or SMS
Added “All” option to kiosk’s “Available Departments” dropdown for ease of use
Added drop off button option for when addressee is not listed on host list