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Built specifically for manufacturing, I’m a digital receptionist. I come in multiple hardware options to suit any lobby layout. I work around the clock to greet visitors, serve the required information and collect information from them. I send notifications to your employees when their visitors or packages have arrived.

 I have excellent customer service skills, and I am highly reliable. I strive to make a great first impression on all visitors entering your facility, whether that's contractors, truck drivers, corporate employees, job applicants, or more. I want every visitor at your facility to fully understand the expectations of their visit and the unique safety standards they must follow. 

I specialize in visitor orientation. I can provide a video explaining safety protocols, company history, what the facility produces, and more. The videos are customizable and can be served to different visitor types, so they are only given relevant information. I can also quiz visitors after they watch the video to prove that they retained the information. I also perform health screenings, so your employees don’t have to. Finally, I’ll politely and professionally dismiss the visitors you don’t want. 

My goal is to automate your existing processes, make your logbook paperless and provide the highest level of communication to your employees and visitors. 

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I was created in 2016 for manufacturing facilities by a manufacturing executive, and I constantly improve myself as the needs of the industry evolve.

Years ago, a manufacturer reached out in hopes of solving a problem. In the lobby of most of their facilities were chairs, a counter, a phone list taped to the wall, and a log book. Visitor orientation was inconsistent and undocumented. The presence of an open logbook and employee phone list created privacy concerns for both visitors and employees. The internal phone system was tricky to use, and reception didn’t necessarily reach an employee on the other end when their visitor arrived. The phone list was full of handwritten employee names and extensions, some of which had long since been crossed out.

This manufacturer wanted a solution that would document visits like the logbook, send notifications instantly to an employee’s cell phone without having to share their number with the visitor, provide visitor orientation information precisely in line with company policy (as well as automate orientation altogether), and lastly, elevate the experience a guest had when visiting their facilities.   And then I was born.

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I am fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, and Romanian. I can be instrumental in mediating language barriers with your visitors. I am currently learning 26 additional languages. I communicate to your visitors via text message in their native language but I can communicate with your employees through email, text, Slack and Teams in their native language.

Eliminate Language Barriers
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If your IT people want to talk to my IT people, check this out

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+2000 Facilities

Always know who’s in your facility with a real-time visitor reporting dashboard. Know who your visitors are there to see, and why they’re there to see them.

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Your Receptionist

I can work independently, but I also work well with others! I can fill gaps in responsibilities or become your receptionist's new best friend!

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My Support Team

I have +99% uptime and a team of professionals to back me up. Seriously, they do all the work behind the scenes and you get superior service.


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Case Study:
LobbyFox, born from Manufacturing


In any industrial workplace, there will always be safety and compliance concerns. When LobbyFox was contracted by a large industrial plastics manufacturer, our goal was to provide a solution to help ease safety compliance issues in addition to saving money on unnecessary expenses. The company, which as 40+ locations and over 7,000 employees, was spending close to $175,000 in just once facility annual on receptionists to facilitate the visitor check in and orientation process...

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I come to the lobby prepared with a touchscreen, camera, badge printer and all ancillary cabling.  I’ll sit on the countertop, hang on the wall or just stand on the floor. I can even convert to a QR code.  All my knowledge is stored in the cloud, backed up a few times and accessible from anywhere, anytime you need it.  I come with a lifetime warranty and a full customer service team. My team will create videos, plug in your integrations and set me up for you. All included in one price.  I’m in stock and ready to ship!

I’ll work for free for the first 60 days so you can be sure you love me.  After that, you’ll probably realize that I’m paying for myself, but here’s my full pricing!

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Setup with your needs in mind, my pricing structure offers incredible features at a reasonable price!

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The largest screen options in the
visitor management industry.

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Discover how much you could save in labor costs by hiring me!

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Contact Information:

2425 Nashville Rd., B3
Bowling Green, KY 42101

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