Why Should I Replace My Sign-In Sheets?

There are many reasons you may be ready to make the switch away from sign-in sheets. Privacy and leaving a good first impression are often the main reasons. When a visitor first shows up to your facility, you want to appear organized and prepared. With a check-in system in place, your visitors should never struggle to get signed in or find their host. As soon as a visitor checks in, the host will receive a notification of their arrival. Additionally, traditional paper logs can often leave security and privacy vulnerabilities where anyone can walk in and view written information. With LobbyFox, you can rest easy knowing personal information will always be stored securely.

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Lobby Fox improves employee retention through text messaging.

The use of technology to improve your products and services is vital for any business. However, failing to provide your clients and visitors the same tech-forward solutions can send them mixed messages about the ethos of your company. Using a paper-based logbook is a great example of an outdated workflow that can give your business a negative first impression.

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Even if your sign-in workflow is relatively streamlined using paper logbooks, you are still reliant on staff to give visitors their safety orientations and verify all required documentation, certifications, insurances, licenses, etc have been collected and retained.

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Streamline check in
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Hiring a receptionist isn’t always financially feasible or a productive use of resources. Most companies have promoted their receptionist into other positions leaving the front desk responsibilities to be shared by all staff receiving visitors. Procedures and safety training may not be compliant or consistently given by each member of your staff. Document retention and filing can easily fall through the cracks.

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The Solution? GO PAPERLESS

LobbyFox can streamline check-ins by removing paper methods, providing instant arrival and emergency notification alerts all while ensuring the highest level of privacy and security by automating your current procedures. But, we don’t stop there. Uncover more by scheduling a discovery call today. Give us a call at 1-855-622-9369 or book a demo below!

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LobbyFox visitor management experts are giving live, one-on-one demos every day. Ask whatever's on your mind, and get a better feel for how LobbyFox will transform your lobby in an instant.

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Key Features

Notifications & Alerts

LobbyFox makes it easy to quickly communicate with visitors and hosts via text message or email.

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Visitor Orientation

Don't waste your employees' time with repetitive visitor orientations, let LobbyFox do it for you!

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Kiosk Customization

Use your own logo, color pallete, and font with a 100% customizable kiosk.

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Visitor Types

Notify different hosts in a variety of ways based on the type of visitor.

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Visitor Reporting & Logs

View visitor profiles, historical visitor records, and send texts to visitors while they're checked in.

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Visitor Screening

Quiz your visitors about health or safety protocols before they step foot into your facility.

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Automatic Dismissal

Prevent unscheduled or unwanted visitors from checking in.

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Secure Platform

Keep your visitors, hosts, and network safe, secret, and secure.

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Ultimate User Control

Easily manage multiple kiosks or kiosk locations from a single account.

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Serve Videos

Show your visitors videos relevant to their visit. Different videos for different visitor types.

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Touchless Check-In

Allow your visitors to check in without ever touching the screen, reducing covid risks.

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Allow your customers to register before their visit, increasing check-in speeds.

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QR Codes

Allow mobile check-in through QR codes, printed separately or displayed on the kiosk screen.

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Internal Communication

Improve communication through text message, emails, and other integrations.

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Multi-Language Support

Support for 6 languages to increase accessibility to all visitors.

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Visitor Badges

Keep your facility secure with visitor name badges, included with every kiosk.

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