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Slack Integration

How it works.

Overview: Slack | LobbyFox

With a Slack (a leading communication service used by millions of companies all around the world) integration configured and connected to your workspace, LobbyFox will default to delivering notifications on the chosen platform to hosts that receive a visitor.

What's even cooler: we provide hosts three different "canned responses" right inside of Slack that they can use to instantly text their visitor's things like "Be right there!" or "Give me 5 minutes." If those don't work, send your visitor a custom text message, right inside Slack! Further, Slack is treated just like any other communication delivery method, meaning custom notifications can be set up with any event trigger, just like LobbyFox users can already configure with texts and emails.

A preview a Slack message those host received as well as a text message the guest received from hosts Slack response.

Access & Setup

With our October update comes the introduction to the "Integrations" page inside of the LobbyFox Admin Dashboard. Connecting LobbyFox to a Slack workspace is as easy as clicking configure, and then Allow on this Slack page. If at any point you need to pause the integration simply click the connect button inside LobbyFox again to disable.

Showing where to enable custom Slack notifications.

If a Hosts email address matches the email address in their Slack account, the user will be notified on Slack when a visitor checks in to see them (if Slack notifications are not disabled for that particular visitor type).

If the Slack integration is installed at a LF location, toggles will conditionally render that allow Slack notifications to be turned on or off for each visitor type:

Shows where to find setting for Slack notifications for a given visitor type.

How it Works (Notifications)

Additionally, if the Slack integration is installed, a toggle will conditionally render inside the custom notification builder that allows Slack to be used as another notification delivery method.

Shows location of integration options in the LobbyFox Admin Dashboard.

How it Works (Slack)

When you are notified on Slack that a visitor has arrived to see you, the notification can look something like this:

Preview of a Slack message sent to a visitor's host.

Slack notifications come with a few canned responses, buttons that you can click at the bottom of the notification that will text your visitor things like "Be right there!" (Or a custom message).

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