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Visitor Management in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

LobbyFox visitor management systems aim to meet the unique needs of the aerospace & defense facilities.

"A VMS gathers visitor information, orients visitors, maintains records of all aspects of their visit & facilitates no-contact communications between visitors and hosts"

How can LobbyFox help automate visitor related needs of aerospace & defense facilities?

LobbyFox aims to provide an all encompassing solution to visitor management. We offer customization of check-ins, based on the type of visitor. For example, contractors may require a different orientation and set of instructions than a truck driver needing to drop off a delivery at the warehouse. LobbyFox can help provide your visitors with relevant orientation videos, present different safety quizzes, paperwork & agreements, and notify the correct staff when various visitor types arrive at your facility. The platform is entirely customizable to meet the needs of your facility.

We offer a wide range of kiosks to fit in any lobby (badge printers are included), or even printable QR codes a delivery driver could scan without needing to exit the vehicle. LobbyFox has a built in texting system, with text blasting capabilities making it easy to get urgent messages to all visitors and staff alike.

With all these features, its no surprise that manufacturing facilities in the aerospace and defense industry are turning to LobbyFox. Book a demo to learn more!

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