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In any industrial workplace, there will always be safety and compliance concerns. When LobbyFox was contracted by a large industrial plastics manufacturer, our goal was to provide a solution to help ease safety compliance issues in addition to saving money on unnecessary expenses. The company, which has 40+ locations and over 7,000 employees, was spending close to $175,000 in just one facility annually on receptionists to facilitate the visitor check in and orientation process. They needed away to decrease this expense while also better educating their employees and visitors on safety and compliance issues to prevent any possible future incidents.

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Case Study

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Our solution was to develop a digital reception kiosk with advanced check-in capabilities. This solution allows visitors to check-in and print identification on the spot. Before allowing them to fully check in, visitors must watch a safety video and pass a quiz on the policies covered, as well as sign disclosures and waivers. Lastly, the company can keep track of all visitors, and maintain robust records of how they were educated on safety and compliance before entering the facility. This not only helps improve safety and compliance, but eliminates the cost associated with the personnel that would other-wise be required to check visitors in.

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Case Study


The digital receptionist kiosk now known as LobbyFox was extremely well received by visitors for providing a wonderful and modern first impression of the facility. The company said "After implementation of LobbyFox, we saw an immediate improvement in compliance of visitor and contractor safety requirements and good manufacturing practices. It also completely eliminated the human error ­element of ordering, stocking, and distributing safety pamphlets to visitors".